– About Project –
The HEIBus project focuses on strengthening the collaboration between Higher Education Institutions and…
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– Activities and Results –
Intellectual outputs, Dissemination materials, Events and more… on HEIBus Project – Activities and Results Page.
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– Project Team –
The consortium with 12 partners from five different EU countries is led by JAMK University of Applied Science…
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– Experts Support Service –
The platform aims to create a database of university experts. The database can be used by companies to find support…
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What is new in HEIBUS ?

Sixth HEIBus Newsletter
Expert level real life problem solving [EXPERT] is a new cooperation model proposed in the HEIBus Project....
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Second Round of EXPERT Projects
Feb.2019 Expert level real life problem solving (EXPERT) Projects offer to companies the opportunity to closely collaborate...
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Fifth HEIBus Newsletter
The second Round of Multidisciplinary Real-Life Problem Solving (RLPS) Projects ended in December 2018 with final presentations...
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Final Presentations for the 2nd Round of RLPS Projects
Dec. 2018 The second Round of Multidisciplinary Real-Life Problem Solving (RLPS) Projects ended this month with a...
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What is HEIBUS?

Smart HEI-Business collaboration for skills and competitiveness [HEIBus] is an Erasmus + Knowledge Alliances 2 project that aims to develop smart and innovative models for HEI-company cooperation. The new cooperation models increase the involvement of students and HEI staffs in international Research & Development & Innovation (R&D&I) project that are proposed by companies. This will facilitate easy knowledge share between the involved partners and create the premises of developing new innovative products and services that can be quickly taken into use in companies. In the same time all the activities in the project facilitate an increase involvement of the companies in the educational process with direct impact in increasing the students skills and entrepreneurial thinking. Read more…

How can you Participate ? During HEIBus project implementation, the new innovative cooperation models will be applied. This will involve active participation of companies and HEIs. As a company, you can offer research themes for RLPS and EXPERT projects and also be a part of the student Mentoring Program. As a student you can participate as part of the international teams in the RLPS Projects that will be developed in two stages during 2017 autumn and 2018 autumn or in the study groups from the Mentoring Program. As HEI staff you can participate as a researcher in the EXPERT Projects. The EXPERT Projects will be developed in the beginning of 2018 and 2019.