Multidisciplinary Real Life Problem Solving Projects

I am more than happy that I have had possibility to take part in both rounds of the multidisciplinary and international real life problem solving student level projects as one of the super-visors. It has been great to see how students from three countries and universities, from different study programs and study levels have worked together, learnt a lot from each other, become more international and developed their English language skills in every project. I am sure that this experience will help students in their future studies and work life. In addition, university supervisors and company tutors have got excellent international cooperation experiences and new valuable contacts.
Anneli Kakko | JAMK University of Applied Sciences

The multidisciplinary real life problem solving projects offer students a unique opportunity to glimpse at what will be expected of them after college graduation. Being exposed to work on a complex technical task in an international, multicultural and interdisciplinary team is a sophisticated challenge which reflects the real life work environment.
Marlen Mullins | University of Applied Sciences Esslingen

I am grateful that I had this opportunity to take part in an international project like this, with wonderful people from whom I had much to learn. It was very interesting and for me to see how students from different countries approach solving the real life problem we had to deal with.
Ingrid Laposi | Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Getting involved in HEIBus projects was definitely one of the highlights in my studies. As working life becomes increasingly more international, similar practical experiences are essential and should, in my opinion, be part of every engineers’ curriculum.
Juhani Salonen | JAMK University of Applied Sciences

As a member of the virtual group it was a really nice challenge to cooperate with students from other countries having only the online forms of communication. I have learned a lot from the project which will be really beneficial in the real life and also in the world of work.
Fruzsina Fülöp | University of Miskolc

My experience in many fields of life has intensively grown after partcipating in this international project. I feel confident assuring that now I am more capable to face the challenges out there in the future. Unique and great experience!
Arturo López Riquelme | University of Jaén

Knowledge, curiosity and commitment paired with the potential of an international setup sparks a multitude of insights, ideas and options. Due to this input the international HEIBus project has been very beneficial for FESTOOL. The students eager approach led to broad range of product concepts and very beneficial discussion. Internally, we are following up on this input. It was a pleasure to experience the students’ dedication and motivation as well as the excellent support of the Hochschule Esslingen.
Charlotte Schleifenbaum | Festool GmbH

The RLPS Projects offered new opportunities to our students from TU of Cluj-Napoca to work in an international environment with students from different specializations and EU countries for solving a real problem proposed by a company. This type of cooperation creates the framework that allows them to increase their abilities for team work and presentation skills and in the same time gain real life experience in the engineering field.
Ciprian Lăpușan | Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

During the three years of the project more than 100 students from Spain, Finland, Hungary, Romania and Germany work together in mixed project groups. After this personal experience, blunt prejudice or a pure rejection of another (working) culture is nearly eliminated. Students rather develop a very practical understanding of international cooperation. Or, as it is stated in a book which I brought home from a visit to our Romanian partner University: You can only respect something if you know something about it.
Anton Haberkern | University of Applied Sciences Esslingen

HEIBus RLPS was a great project, we learnt a lot and got a lot of experiences. Of course, it was not just fun, because we had to work hard for the success. The students were very talented, they worked a lot and learnt a lot. They had a great opportunity to build their own connections over Europe. Hopefully students will have the chance to work together again. I am looking forward to take part in a project like this again.
Ágnes Takács | University of Miskolc

Participating in international multidisciplinary project thought me two important things. I learned what does it mean to be a mechanical engineer in multidisciplinary team and how working in international team differs from Finnish team. In the end the project was also fun experience.
Arttu Manninen | JAMK University of Applied Sciences

It was a great way to inprove my english and met new people from other countrys. I was curious how I can communicate with people from different nations. To my surprise, it worked very well. It was new for me to do a task for a company. That helped me a lot for my life.
Markus Bröckel | University of Applied Sciences Esslingen

Expert Level Real Life Problem Solving

This is the first time that we tested expert level project cooperation with international partners, so that there are multidisciplinary experts from three countries and universities solving a challenging topic together with the company experts. It was magnificent to follow how well cooperation went in all six projects and how good results were reached.
Anneli Kakko | JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Expert level real life problem solving (EXPERT) model was created in HEIBus project and it was tested in six pilot projects. Experiences of the pilot projects showed that this model offers companies a good way to solve even challenging problems or development tasks with the help of multidisciplinary and international experts of HEIs. In addition, the HEIs benefit by widened cooperation network and increased expertise.
Jorma Matilainen | JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Working in the Expert Level Real Life Problem Solving has offered me the opportunity to be part of a multilingual and multidisciplinary group with a common goal: provide an industrial solution that meets the company needs. It was particularly interesting the project implementation, since most of the time it was done virtually. In addition, the Expert Support Service, a portal built up in the HEIBus project to bring HEIs experts and companies into contact, has widened my perspectives for international collaborations.
Silvia Satorres Martínez | University of Jaén

The Expert Level Real Life Problem Solving has provided us with the opportunity to be part of an international group of experts and work closely with a leading multinational corporation in a challenging actual production problem. This international experience has broaden our understanding of the operations and organization of multinational companies, provided us with contacts for future collaboration both in industry and academia and offered invaluable experience in working in a multinational team of experts with different backgrounds.
Pablo Cano Marchal | University of Jaén

Without a doubt, HEIBus project exceeded my expectations. It has been an amazing opportunity for me to be involved in two Expert Level Real Life Problem Solving. Cooperation between the members of an international team of experts to solve a real problem from company was the key to succeed. After this experience, I fully understand that it is better to solve one problem in five different ways, than to solve five problems in one way. Thank you HEIBus for the challenge. I would definitely recommend these cooperation models.
Ciprian-Radu Rad | Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

I had the opportunity to work in 2 different projects within HEIBUS WP4: Expert Level Real Life Problem Solving. In the first project we were building an airflow testing environment for Electrolux in Hungary. The second project took me to Romania, where we worked on conformal coating problems with our partner Bosch. It was very interesting to work on real industry problems with an international group of experts. I will gladly participate in similar collaboration in the future as well.
Tomi Nieminen | JAMK University of Applied Sciences

We had a great opportunity to participate this project together with specialists from different areas and nations with open minds. On the other hand, also our topic was rather new for us but also to most of University parties and thereby it was very nice to see how we could find common target and valuable results during HEIBus-project. I am also happy to tell that we have already taken next steps on development of projects topic forward based on good initialization during HEIBus.
Petri Hannukainen | Valtra Inc.

Participation in the RLPS project offered us a new perspective for the used methodology that lead to provocative ideas being applied and tested. Combining the expertise of all involved parties lead to a brainstorming session with clear directions and efficient ideas while also opening new communications between the industrial field and the educational field. Based on this feedback we can more then surely appreciate this as a great starting point for future collaborations and a great way to sustain the Bosch core values and mission, creating products that spark enthusiasm, improve quality of life and help conserve our natural resources: Invented for life.
Dinu Liviu | Bosch Jucu Plant

Flexible Student Mentoring by Companies

It has been great to follow the implementations of the Flexible Student Mentoring by Companies projects in all partner countries. Every HEI has found its own ways to cooperate with companies deeper than earlier. I have taken part in both Flex Mentoring, which are carried out at JAMK, and both of these projects have been successful. The feedbacks of all students and staff members of JAMK, Valtra and Elomatic, who have taken part in the Flex Mentoring program, have been very positive. We will definitely continue the similar deep cooperation with companies after HEIBus project.
Anneli Kakko | JAMK University of Applied Sciences

The Flexible Student Mentoring by Companies projects offer new ways of mentoring programs, highlighting the potential advantages for students and companies. Our projects are based on programming a set of activities that could change each academic course taking into account the feedback of previous experiences. The success of the programs is demonstrated by that the students have already suggested to increase the number and length of mentoring and technical workshops.
Gabriella Vadaszne Bognar | University of Miskolc

The need for a practice-oriented training is essential. The Flex Mentoring program offers a great opportunity for our students to face real company problems in a controlled environment. International collaboration makes it more valuable. The feedback of the students confirms the comprehensive approach of the project. I am pleasured to contribute to success as a member of the quality assurance team.
Laszlo Berenyi | University of Miskolc

The collaboration between higher education institutions and business promotes the education of the top experts of the future. During the cooperation, we were able to inform students about skills requirements, educate students about essential competencies, interact with the students and educational institutions, and, above all, influence future recruitment. I am impressed with the results of HEIBus project to promote education in Europe.
Timo Piirainen | Elomatic

The flexible student mentoring by companies project within the HEIBus EU research project offered new and wider prospects to our company. Mentoring, as a type of cooperation, with international students from different countries creates a win-win-situation with a scientific base that benefits and increases both students and companies. In summary, the mentoring project was very beneficial for our company.
Sebastian Gelfert, M.Sc. | Stöbich Brandschutz GmbH

Getting involved with HEIBus project gave me an opportunity to meet people with various cultural background. It is an immense pleasure to be part of the HEIBus project and build by networking skills. I was able to experience multiple company presentations, which gave in-depth knowledge about the company and its customers. I will be cherishing this experience and continue to be motivated by the HEIbus project participants.
Krishna Torgal