Final Presentations for the 2nd Round of RLPS Projects

Dec. 2018

The second Round of Multidisciplinary Real-Life Problem Solving (RLPS) Projects ended this month with a final presentation given by the participant students to the supervisors and company representatives. In the second round three RLPS project were organized with the participation of the following companies: FESTOOL GmbH (Germany), Robert Bosch Power Tool Kft. Hungary (Hungary) and ISR (Spain). All three projects started at beginning of 2018 autumn semester with an intensive week organized by Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (HE, Germany), University of Miskolc (ME, Hungary) and University of Jaén (UJA, Spain). During the intensive week the company presented the project theme and the students had the opportunity to visit the company and directly interact with the company representative. After the intensive week the students return home and continued to work on the project. During the semester each team organized videoconference meeting every two weeks. During these meeting the implementations results were discussed and new tasks were set for the next period. During this entire period the HEI coordinator teachers, supervised closely the students work on the project.
The final presentations for the FESTOOL project were held on Thursday December 13th 2018. The topic for the project given by FESTOOL GmbH focuses on creating a new mixing device (for craftsmen/ handymen) by using a combined innovation process including classical and agile methods of product development. In this project HE (coordinator), UJA and ME are the HEI partners. Students worked hard during the ten weeks to come up with a convincing mock-up – a realistic product idea and a pervasive presentation. All three teams delivered very good results, each idea is different yet each has its own clever hidden agenda. Company as well as HEI supervisors gave good feedback – how these ideas will be used in the future will be discussed with FESTOOL representative in the New Year.
The Final Presentations for the HEIBus Bosch RLPS Project was held on Wednesday December 12th 2018. The topic for the project given by Robert Bosch Power Tool Kft. Hungary focuses on developing new connected power tools for hobby and home decoration. In this project ME (coordinator), JAMK University of Applied Science (JAMK, Finland) and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCLUJ, Romania) are the HEI partners. All three student groups presented their work in front of Bosch representatives and coordinating teachers. The company feedback related to the presentations was positive. The Bosch representative appreciated the innovative ideas proposed by the students and pointed out the opportunity of implementing them in new products.
The final presentations for the ISR project were held on Thursday December 13th 2018. The topic for the project given by ISR focuses on design, construct and program a multisensory device to acquire agroclimatic information of olive trees or other type of crops. In this project UJA (coordinator), JAMK and TUCLUJ are the HEI partners. The great effort made by the students during this semester was worthwhile as final prototypes for remote environmental monitoring of agricultural features were shown. The company expressed its interest in cooperating with students to implement the proposed solutions.
Anneli Kakko, Project Manager
JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland

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